The Vintage Car Club of Castle Rock (VCC) is an organization which has no affiliation with any national or other local automobile club. We promote vehicle restoration, encourage planned trips, events and social activities for our members. The club is composed of families with both husbands, wives or significant others participating. Membership is open to anyone interested in restoration, preservation, and display of antique, classic, special interest, and vintage motor vehicles and motor vehicle related items. You do not have to own a motor vehicle to belong.

The VCC has a formal structure, with officers, and a board which conducts the business of the club. Officers and Board Members, elected by the membership, generally change yearly. Meetings are held on a regular monthly basis and items of interest to the club are regularly voted on by the membership. The VCC has two classes of membership. The “Member” has one vote, and an “Associate Member” has one vote in any issue regarding club business. You can join the club as a “Member” and then if desired, another person in your household can join the club as an “Associate Member”.  Associate Member has all the same rights as a full Member. 

Communications from the club to the membership is carried out electronically, by E-mail, Facebook, and this website.